Chin-Up Strips 1Pkg of 30

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Provide Snoring Relief

Package of 30 Strips

Chin-Up Strips® reduce loud snoring by providing external support for the chin during sleep. This support promotes nasal breathing by limiting mouth breathing and oral venting. Safe and inexpensive, Chin-Up Strips® are hypoallergenic, hygienic, and gluten-fee.

Chin-Up Strips promote and enhance nasal breathing during sleep.

Chin-Up Strips reduce mouth breathing and oral venting.

Chin-Up Strips help people with following conditions directly related to mouth breathing:

  1. Dry mouth and gum tissue bleeding
  2. Oral venting with obstructive sleep apnea prescribed treatments – Cpap & Dental device issues
  3. Loud mouth snoring
  4. Morning nasal and sinus congestion
  5. Morning sore throat discomfort
  6. Reduced sleep quality
  7. Reduced energy level
  8. Daytime sleepiness

They are available in packs of 30, in three styles to suit your skin type:

Three Styles of Chin-Up Strips

chin-up-strip-ushape-white-male White Horseshoe Chin-Up Strips®:

– non-woven polyester material

– strong 3M medical adhesive

– require warm water to remove

– effective on oily skin or beard (stubble)

chin-up-strip-ushape-female Tan Horseshoe Chin-Up Strips®:

– soft micro-pore rayon material

– medium 3M medical adhesive

– easy to apply and remove

– effective on people with normal skin

chin-up-strip-boomerang-female Tan Boomerang Chin-Up Strips®:

– soft micro-pore rayon material

– light 3M medical adhesive

– very easy to apply, adjust and remove

– good for sensitive or dry skin