SleepPro – World’s leading stop snoring oral appliance

The SleepPro® range of stop snoring mouthpieces are medically approved and firmly established as a leading European oral appliance, or MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device). They can be used to treat snoring, and also mild to moderate sleep apnea. It is available as a choice of three options, all three are approved and recommended by the British National Health service (NHS) and/or the FDA, SleepPro is also supplied to patients of various National Hospital systems in many countries.
SleepPro mouthpieces have been developed based on a program of intense research and collaboration between medical and dental specialists and carry a 98% Satisfaction rating with their worldwide customer base.
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The SleepPro range comprises these stop snoring mouthpieces:
SleepPro Easifit
Much cheaper than a similar dentally fitted device, effective, easy to fit, and adjustable Boil-and-bite technology
SleepPro Contour
Comfortable, adjustable, effective, has a unique in-built Tension Strap, 7 Different Settings to choose from
SleepPro Custom
A bespoke custom mouthpiece  highly effective, Comfortable and easy to use SleepPro make it in a Perfect Fit.
All SleepPro appliances are designed for ‘Closed Mouth’ sleepers


SleepPro are known worldwide as a provider of highly effective stop snoring solutions for all kinds of snoring, up to and including moderate sleep apnea. They are highly affordable, and constantly updated for effectiveness. The three-product range that they currently offer provides a mouthpiece choice that is ideal for any sufferer, regardless of the degree of the problem.
Numerous customers initially trial the SleepPro Easifit oral appliance and then often upgrade to Custom fit or Contour after experiencing the successful effect of this highly regarded product. SleepPro Easifit mouthpieces have a long track record of evidence that they stop snoring. The mouthpiece will help to open your airway during sleep, allowing the free flow of air through your nose and mouth. This is an effective, but inexpensive way to put an end to all those sleepless nights and improve the quality of your sleep hygiene. SleepPro Easifit mouthpieces use boil and bite technology to ensure that they are both comfortable to wear and easy to adjust.The SleepPro Contour mandibular advancement device is the latest mouthpiece in the SleepPro range and was developed due to a high volume of requests received from doctors and patients alike. It is medically proven to work, and is extremely cost-effective in comparison with other more expensive and invasive treatments. It still uses the original boil and bite technology, but it allows you to adjust and experiment with the amount of jaw advancement needed to cease snoring. This ensures maximum comfort and the closest fit without full customization. In addition it is more compact than any other oral appliance and contains no metal parts whatsoever. A SleepPro Custom is the ultimate stop snoring mouthpiece if you want the best possible fit and comfort, along with full effectiveness. We will supply you with a professional dental kit to take an accurate impression of your teeth, from which we will sculpt a bespoke mouthpiece that will be the perfect fit. It’s thin, as well as comfortable, but best of all – it stops you snoring.

Mandibular Advancement Devices also known as M.A.D.s are Dental appliances that hold the mandible (lower jaw) forward, thereby opening up the airway, keeping the tongue forward and firming up the soft pallet tissue, this reduces the snoring sound and the effects of Sleep Apnea.

As many apnea sufferers now reject using CPAP breathing masks and oxygen for a variety of reasons, many Sleep Centers will recommend the use of a well-fitted MAD for sufferers to gain relief and safeguard their health. Oral appliance technology is now considered so advanced that it is regarded as an excellent alternative.
SleepPro Easifit  comes complete with a 100% 45 day Guarantee, The SleepPro Contour comes with a 50% 45 day Guarantee (please see details on SleepPro  Custom about Guarantee) All SleepPro’s have full instructions in the box as well as a fitting video available for each on our site.