Should I Use a Dentist to Take My Impression?

We have designed our products so they can be fitted without a dentist. However, if you are happy to spend the money, there is no reason why you should not involve a dentist. Your dentist could take your impression for you, or he could simply give his opinion about whether or not your teeth are suitable for mandibular advancement – specifically, he could answer the question: are there any obvious reasons why you should not wear a mandibular advancement device.

It is worth noting that many of our customers successfully fit a SleepPro 1 and take a SleepPro 2 Custom impression without any input from their dentist. However, if you have a non-standard bite or irregular teeth, then it may be best to get your dentist involved.

How and why Does the SleepPro work?

The most common cause of snoring is air being passed through a partially constricted airway causing vibration of the palate during breathing. Moving the jaw forward opens up the airway and stretches the palate so it does not vibrate (or vibrates less).

How long does it take before we know it works?

You (or more likely, your partner) will know within minutes of you falling asleep whether or not it works for you. If it stops your snoring for even a short while, then you know that moving your jaw forward works for you. The task then is to find the right mouthpiece for you. Some people use a boil-and-bite mouthpiece for months, before converting to a custom made one. Some people literally try one for a few hours and then go for a custom-made one. Some people only use a SleepPro 1.

If it does not work right away, then do not persevere in the hope that it will work better in time. If it does not work straight away, then it needs “tweaking”. If you follow the guidelines below, then you have a very good chance of getting it to work. Please feel free to contact us to discuss what to do next if you find yourself in this situation. People are understandably disappointed to find their SleepPro 1 does not work, but are then pleasantly surprised to find that with a bit of “tweaking” they stop snoring. The reasons for this will become clearer as you read on and you will be pleased to know there is nothing here you can’t do yourself and that we are more than happy to answer any questions you have to help you on your way.

How can I troubleshoot a problem with my SleepPro 1?

If it does not work the first time, then don’t give up hope as there are several things that can be done.

Problem: It doesn’t work.
Possible solution: The two most common causes and solutions are:

  • Your jaw may not be pushed far enough forward, so remold the mouthpiece with your jaw further forward. Note: pushing your jaw further forward reduces snoring, but increases discomfort. We are trying to find a position where your jaw is far enough forward to stop your snoring, but not so far forward that it causes discomfort. It can be a process of trial-and-error, but when you find the right spot, the rewards are worth it.
  • Your jaw may be slipping out of the mouthpiece and so your jaw is not held forward while you are asleep. See the suggestions below.


  • It only stops me snoring at the beginning of the night.
  • It’s fine to begin with, but then my jaw drops out and I start snoring again.
  • I wore it when I went to sleep. I didn’t snore to begin with, but then I did and woke up with it on the pillow.

Possible solution:

  • It may be dropping out of your teeth while you are asleep. This is a common problem with “boil-and-bite” mouthpieces and may be overcome by (i) reheating and remolding it and (ii) sucking out the saliva, particularly when you first put it in each night. A custom-made mouthpiece like our SleepPro 2 Custom, may be the solution as they grip the teeth much better.
  • If you wore a SleepPro 1 and it worked, even if only for a few minutes, then it has told us something very worthwhile, even though this may not seem obvious at first. The device has confirmed that moving your jaw forward a short way stops your snoring, and it has done so without you having to spend a lot of money. If it only works for part of the time, or is uncomfortable, then you should get a custom-made SleepPro 2 Custom.

Problem: It used to work, but now I’m snoring again.
Possible solution:

  • It may have stretched and so you should (i) remold it, or (ii) buy a new one, or (iii) upgrade to a custom-made device like a SleepPro 2 Custom.

Problem: My jaw muscles hurt when I wake in the morning (TMJ pain).
Possible solution:

  • Your jaw may be pushed too far forward and so you may need to remold the mouthpiece with your jaw not so far forward.

Problem: My front teeth hurt when I wake in the morning.
Possible solution:

  • Lots of people experience this when they start using a SleepPro 1 and they usually find it goes away after they have been using it for a few days to a couple of weeks. It could also be that your jaw is pushed too far forward, so try remolding the mouthpiece with your jaw not so far forward. Or upgrade to a SleepPro 2 Custom. With a SleepPro 1 the pressure caused by your jaw trying to move back into place is pushed onto your front teeth, whereas with a SleepPro 2 Custom the same “load” is put onto nearly all your teeth and so it is not so noticeable, or is non-existent.

How many times can I remold my SleepPro 1?

You can remold your SleepPro 1 as many times as you like, but after the fourth or fifth time it will become less malleable.

When I wake in the morning and remove the mouthpiece, my jaw feels as though it is pushed forward.

This is a common experience. While it can take some people a little while to get used to, you will find that your jaw will move back into place quite naturally and comfortably, shortly after you remove the mouthpiece. The longer you use a mouthpiece the more accustomed to this sensation you will become and the less you will notice it.

Will I be able to wear it all night?

We find that some people can keep one in place all night with no problems and others, not many but a few, find they can only wear it for part of the night. If this is the case for you, then try reheating and remolding the SleepPro 1 for a better fit (if you need the instructions we’ll gladly email or post them to them to you). Most people get used to wearing one within a few days to a couple of weeks.

Try upgrading to a SleepPro 2 Custom. These are made using a dental impression kit that provides a near perfect fit to your teeth and reduces substantially the likelihood of it dropping out of your mouth while you are asleep. They are also more comfortable.

Some people find they cannot sleep with a mouthpiece in their mouth. If this is the case for you, it is worth noting that people get used to wearing a mouthpiece with time.

Will it work for me?

One way to find out it is to try. Some people have no problems at all and others do. This is one of the reasons we suggest trying a cheap one first. It works for most users, even though it may need a bit tweaking to get it right. A “boil-and-bite” device like a SleepPro 1 has a narrower range of possible jaw advancement than an adjustable custom-made device fitted by a dentist. While this narrower range is fine for most people, there will be a small percentage who try a boil-and-bite and are disappointed to find it doesn’t work – even after they have tweaked it. It may be because it does not advance their jaw far enough forward. If a “boil-and-bite” device does not work for you (and, by the way, it probably will – see our section on what to do if it doesn’t work), then there is still hope in the idea that your dentist may be able to help you with an adjustable custom made device (these will be 2 – 5 times more expensive than our SleepPro 2 Custom).

My Wisdom Teeth are pressing against my gums when I push my jaw forward and are causing pain and discomfort.

If this is happening, then you should stop using the device and consider seeing your dentist – who will advise you on the most appropriate course of action. It may be that your wisdom teeth are stopping you pushing your jaw forward and this is, indirectly, making your snoring worse. You may wish to weigh-up the pros and cons of having your wisdom teeth removed.

My SleepPro 1 is very rough.

If you place a SleepPro 1 in water that is too hot, it becomes very rough and unwearable and needs to be replaced. It is worth noting that it loses some of its smoothness when put in hot water – even at the right temperature. The SleepPro 2 Custom, on the other hand, is very smooth.

What about Sleep Apnea and CPAP?

Most people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) snore, but only a small minority of snorers have OSA. If your partner has noticed pauses in your breathing while you sleep, or if you have significant daytime tiredness, then you should mention this to your doctor and ask about a sleep study.

Both CPAP and mandibular advancement devices are valid treatment for certain cases of OSA, but this must be supervised by a physician knowledgeable in the area.

I breathe through my mouth when I am asleep, will I be able to wear a SleepPro?

Yes. We have engineered large breathing holes into both the SleepPro 1 and 2.

It is normal for your nose to become more blocked for a while when you first lie down. This is due to a change in blood pressure in the vessels around the nose. However, the body soon compensates and normally within fifteen minutes everything reverts to normal and you should be able to breathe the same lying down as you can sitting up.

How long will a SleepPro last?

There are many factors that can affect the life expectancy of your SleepPro, such as grinding your teeth while you sleep, how clean you keep it and how you store it. We have customers who regularly purchase every six months and others who come back once every two years.

Will it be too bulky for me?

Some people find them too bulky and others do not. The SleepPro 2 Custom is much less bulky than the SleepPro 1.

Will it work if I have dentures?

We have numerous customers with dentures, some have had a successful outcome and some have not.

Most of the “load” is taken on the front teeth with a SleepPro 1, so if these teeth are intact, then you may be OK. If not, then you might be best to try a SleepPro 2 Custom impression (see below) for one night to see if a custom made mouthpiece will work for you.

What is a SleepPro 2 Custom Impression Kit?

A SleepPro 2 Custom impression kit is comprised of an impression tray (which is a SleepPro 1 with holes to accommodate dental putty) and two containers of dental putty that go hard when mixed together. The impression kit is used to take a near perfect impression of your teeth and is used to make a SleepPro 2 Custom in our lab.

What types of mandibular advancement devices are available?

There are four levels of mandibular advancement devices:

  • Inexpensive boil-and-bite devices like SleepPro 1’s,
  • Custom-made devices like SleepPro 2 Custom. This is the ultimate in a MAD device. Small, soft, great fit, and much less expensive than units built and fitted by dental labs.
  • Adjustable boil-and-bite devices, like our SleepPro SFA, which is the simplest, most effective and comfortable of all adjustables.
  • Custom-made and fitted in a dental lab, similar to our SleepPro 2 Custom, except they are very expensive, upwards of $1,000.

What is the difference between a SleepPro 1 and a SleepPro 2 Custom?

The SleepPro 1 is considerably cheaper than the SleepPro 2 Custom.

The SleepPro 1 is a “boil-and-bite” mouthpiece, which means you put a thermo-plastic mold in hot water and then bite into it so that it takes the shape of your teeth. The SleepPro 1 is not customised, but it does provide a very good fit for a “boil-and-bite” mouthpiece.

The SleepPro 2 Custom is customized and hand-made in a laboratory. The SleepPro 2 Custom is made using a dental impression kit. You can take the impression yourself, or get your dentist to do it. It takes a perfect impression of your teeth.

The SleepPro 2 Custom has thinner walls and so is less bulky and you are less aware of it when you wear it.

The SleepPro 1 grips mainly the front teeth. The SleepPro 2 Custom grips all the teeth – which is why it is more comfortable and why it stays on your teeth while you are asleep (whereas a SleepPro 1 and all other MAD devices are somewhat more likely to fall off the teeth).

I breathe through my mouth when I am asleep, will I be able to wear a SleepPro?

Yes. We have engineered large breathing holes into both the SleepPro 1 and 2. It is normal for your nose to become more blocked for a while when you first lie down. This is due to a change in blood pressure in the vessels around the nose. However, the body soon compensates and normally within fifteen minutes, everything reverts to normal and you should be able to breathe the same lying down as you can sitting up.

What is open mouth snoring?

This is largely a matter of degree. It is sometimes defined as having the lips slightly parted when sleeping. We define it as the lips and teeth being slightly parted, which is quite normal for some people. Usually there are no adverse affects, though maybe a dry mouth. For some “open mouthed sleepers”, a problem occurs when the mouth is open far enough that the teeth come disengaged from the anti-snoring appliance (MAD). In this case, the effect of the appliance is nullified, and likely it will be ejected from the sleeping person’s mouth, causing the snoring and possibly sleep apnea to resume. To correct this problem. we recommend the use of a chin support strap in conjunction with the MAD to gently persuade the mouth into a more closed and mandible-advanced sleeping position.

Which mandibular advancement device is better for a closed-mouth vs. an open-mouthed snorer?

We recommend the SleepPro devices for a closed-mouth snorer and the Noiselezz for an open-mouthed snorer.

Why order a SP2 with a basic SP1?

The SP2 is a custom-made appliance manufactured in our factory from an impression made by you at home utilizing our included materials. You mail this to the factory for processing, using the included addressed envelope . The Basic SP1 is added in this combination for your use preferably before molding and while waiting for the SP2 to be completed. As good as the SP1 is, you will really appreciate the custom unparalleled advantages of the SP2 when returned to you. The SP1 can then remain with you as a useful low cost spare. A highly recommended option.

Why buy a package of two SleepPro 1’s (standard model)?

We noticed that a lot of our customers were buying two SleepPro-1’s at the outset, or coming back at a later date and purchasing two together. We asked some of these multi-purchase customers why they bought two, rather than just the one.

For some people, it is simply so that they have a second as a spare or backup, just in case the one goes missing or gets eaten by the dog! (good doggy!)It has become such a part of their night’s sleep, that it is very important that they have one available and would greatly miss it even if for a couple of nights while they ordered another. Once they are used to great sleep, great sleep is what they want and need.

Some of our more experienced SleepPro users get two devices so they can have their jaw more or less forward, depending upon factors like whether or not (i) they are very tired, or (ii) they’ve been drinking, or (iii) they have a cold or hay fever – all things that are better controlled with the airway more open than normal (i.e. with the jaw a little further advanced).

Some people even bought a set of two SleepPro 1’s as a his and hers!

During peak holiday periods we get calls from people who tell us “I left it in my hotel room”.

Of course, the unit price is cheaper when you buy two!

What is your warranty?

100% Maximum Risk Warranty

Effective September 24, 2012, we are happy to refund per the following within 45 days, less our original shipping cost, subject to the following limitations:

  • The above 100% warranty applies to the SleepPro 1, Noiselezz and Noiselezz II products only.
  • The SleepPro SFA product carries a 50% – 45 day warranty
  • The SleepPro 2 Custom is a custom-manufactured (for you only) appliance, purchased after due thought and testing. No warranty is stated or implied for the SleepPro 2 Custom appliance. See our SleepPro 2 Custom policy statement.

Combination discount will be deducted from refund where applicable.

Whether you actually use the appliance or not, once it has left our hands, it is considered “used”. We cannot, under any circumstances, resell any returned appliances. They are examined, documented and then immediately destroyed.

The appliance must be shipped according to our instructions (below).
Resale accounts are not eligible for this risk warranty or the repeat order discount

Please read and follow exactly. Please contact us first, permission is not required to return however our experienced staff may be able to assist you. Please ship via post, and only post (Standard surface or air mail, in an envelope is the most economical).

  • Mark the package “Canadian Goods Returning”, and “No Commercial Value.”
  • Your return address must be the same as the original “ship to” address, clearly marked on the outside of your return package. No protective, special packaging required.
  • Include a note of explanation and your name and address in full.
  • Please include an invoice number, there is no reason for special packaging, the contents being returned truly have no value and require no protection. No value on any customs form required please.
  • As well as the above comments. Postage should be less than $1.75 depending upon your location, if in North America that is.
  • Shipping by any other method will automatically be returned to the sender, at the sender’s cost.
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