Nozovent® Size Sampler

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Breathe easier with Nozovent®! This nasal breathing aid can be used as an accessory for people who have trouble breathing through their nose, and provides snoring relief.

Nozovent® was developed in 1990 by Dr. Bjorn Petruson, an ENT physician in Sweden. It allows for an increase in the opening of the nasal passages, allowing for better breathing. This clinically proven device also releases the pressure on the vibrating skin of the throat, providing further snoring relief, and aiding sleep for the snorer and his/her partner.

During sleep, the soft tissues and muscles of the mouth and throat relax, narrowing the breathing airways. The gentle springboard action of the Nozovent® sufficiently opens the nasal passage to significantly reduce the pressure on the vibrating soft tissues at the entrance of our respiratory system, thus providing relief from snoring.

The Nozovent® snoring aid is available in small, medium and large sizes. If you are unsure which size will fit, you can order one of our Size-Sampler packages, listed opposite:

Nozovent® nasal breathing aids are reusable and will last for months with proper cleanliness and care.

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