Chin-Up Strips 5Pkgs of 30

USD$ 74.95



Provide Snoring Relief

5 Package of 30 Strips (Total 150 Strips)

Chin-Up Strips® reduce loud snoring by providing external support for the chin during sleep. This support promotes nasal breathing by limiting mouth breathing and oral venting. Safe and inexpensive, Chin-Up Strips® are hypoallergenic, hygienic, and gluten-fee. They are available in packs of 30, in three styles to suit your skin type:

Three Styles of Chin-Up Strips

chin-up-strip-ushape-white-male White Horseshoe Chin-Up Strips®:

– non-woven polyester material

– strong 3M medical adhesive

– require warm water to remove

– effective on oily skin or beard (stubble)

chin-up-strip-ushape-female Tan Horseshoe Chin-Up Strips®:

– soft micro-pore rayon material

– medium 3M medical adhesive

– easy to apply and remove

– effective on people with normal skin

chin-up-strip-boomerang-female Tan Boomerang Chin-Up Strips®:

– soft micro-pore rayon material

– light 3M medical adhesive

– very easy to apply, adjust and remove

– good for sensitive or dry skin