2 Noiselezz® + Chin-Up Strip

USD$ 99.95


2 x Noiselezz® + 1 Chin-Up Strip

NOISELEZZ® Information

Stop snoring with NOISELEZZ®

Mandibular Advancement Anti-Snoring Appliance

The NOISELEZZ® appliance will fit most people upon receipt, right out of the box. If necessary, Noiselezz can be adjusted easily, simply to best fit each mouth. Full instructions are included with your appliance should they be necessary.

Why should I buy Noiselezz®?

NOISELEZZ® is LOW-COST: It is good value for a quality mandibular appliance.

NOISELEZZ® is NON-INVASIVE: There is no surgical treatment involved, and usually no special fitting is required.

NOISELEZZ® is COMFORTABLE: The appliance is soft and gentle, and leaves your mouth free to move.

NOISELEZZ® is EFFECTIVE: The NOISELEZZ® appliance will reduce or stop snoring entirely. Get the rest you and your partner deserve. Wake up feeling refreshed and revitalized.

The NOISELEZZ® appliance is small and flexible. It is hinged for mouth movement and has a large breathing area. It is quick, simple and easy to use. It can be refit and adjusted multiple times.

How Does It Work?

Worn in the mouth while sleeping, the small soft ®NOISELEZZ appliance will greatly reduce or stop snoring entirely. By placing the upper and lower trays over your teeth, the hinge gently stops the mandible (lower jaw) from falling back, keeping the airway open and preventing the tongue from touching the soft tissues at the back of the throat.
Without Noiselezz®

blocked respiration causing snoring

restricted airflow causing

snoring vibration

With Noiselezz®

stop snoring with Noiselezz inserted

unrestricted airflow without

snoring vibration

How Does It Fit?

The NOISELEZZ® is very simple and comfortable. There is usually no fitting required for a normal mouth. It also fits over dentures, providing that the dentures fit properly. It is advised, however, that you consult a practitioner about your oral health before inserting any appliance into your mouth. If you do require fitting by a practitioner, the procedure is painless and only takes about 5 minutes. You may also want to consult a sleep specialist before seeking any treatment for sleep apnea. The NOISELEZZ® is available in a “one-size-fits-all” format. It is designed to fit the largest segment of the population. For those with severe overbite or underbite, see Q&A.

Download Fitting Instructions

100% Maximum Risk Warranty

Effective September 24, 2012, we are happy to refund per the following within 45 days, less our original shipping cost, subject to the following limitations:


  • The above 100% warranty applies to the SleepPro 1 and Noiselezz, NOISELEZZ II (SnoreEraser) and Noiselezz® PS product only.
  • The SleepPro Contour product carries a 50% – 45 day warranty
  • The SleepPro Custom is a custom-manufactured (for you only) appliance, purchased after due thought and testing. No warranty is stated or implied for the SleepPro Custom appliance.
  • Combination discount will be deducted from refund where applicable.
  • Whether you actually use the appliance or not, once it has left our hands, it is considered “used”. We cannot, under any circumstances, resell any returned appliances. They are examined, documented and then immediately destroyed.
  • The appliance must be shipped according to our instructions (below).
  • Resale accounts are not eligible for this risk warranty or the repeat order discount.



Please read and follow exactly. Please contact us first, permission is not required to return however our experienced staff may be able to assist you. Please ship via post, and only post (Standard surface or air mail, in an envelope is the most economical).

  • Mark the package “Canadian Goods Returning”, and “No Commercial Value.”
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  • Include a note of explanation and your name and address in full.
  • Please include an invoice number, there is no reason for special packaging, the contents being returned truly have no value and require no protection. No value on any customs form required please.
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