Product Comparison Chart

Features Noiselezz® & Noiselezz®II SleepPro® Easifit SleepPro® Custom SleepPro® Contour
Snoring Reduction Effective Effective Superior
Very Effective
Comfort Very Good Good Excellent Very Good
Dentist fitting required cross cross cross cross
Moulding time before use 0 10 minutes Impression Stage:10 Minutes 10 Minutes
Use without moulding check cross cross cross
Ease of Fitting Fitting not required,
can be adjusted
Very easy Custom factory fit
from your impression
Very easy
Nose breathing required cross check check check
For Open Mouth Sleepers check cross cross cross
Lateral Lower Jaw movement Very Slight cross cross Very Slight
Mouth breathing possible check check check check
Tightness of Grip to Teeth Adequate, with
hinge/spring effect
Good Excellent Very Good
Advancement (MAD) 5mm Nominal, can be
adjusted <5mm
0-5mm, upon fitting Custom setting,
no adjustment
Average Longevity Approx. 1 Year Approx. 1 Year 12 – 24 months 12 – 18 months
Vertical Bite Opening 5mm 3-5mm 2-3mm 5mm
Metal Content None None None None
Warranty 45 day – 100% 45 day – 100% See Policy 45 day – 50%
Adjust method Refit possible Refit <5 times Set custom
change strap length
Retail Price
Ships to the world the world the world the world

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