Noiselezz ®

A range of hinged appliances to stop snoring and prevent sleep apnea

These traditionally styled mandibular advancement devices, or MAD’s, offer a choice of four similar devices with varying benefits. They are all widely recommended for open-mouthed snorers, the most common type found, but still appropriate for snorers who sleep with their mouth closed.

The Noiselezz appliances were originally developed in Denmark by a Dental Specialist who successfully put them through a wide range of clinical trials with great success. Their success stems from advancing the lower jaw, which opens the airway, and this causes snoring to cease. In particular it helps to prevent sleep apnea where the constricted airway actually causes breathing to cease many times in each hour, cutting off oxygen to the brain and leaving the individual extremely tired in the morning through having had multiple disturbances to their sleep.

All four versions are simple to use, and the soft material used makes them comfortable to wear. They can be worn straight from the pack and have an immediate effect without interfering with your sleep. When used correctly they have a very long lifespan.

Simply place the upper and lower trays of the hinged mouthpiece over your teeth and the hinged connection will then prevent the lower jaw from falling back, keeping the airway open, and preventing the tongue from touching the soft tissues at the back of the throat. The hinged mouthpiece style offers easy mouth movement and provides a large breathing area.

An Extra Strength (ES) version is also available for the Noiselezz®, Noiselezz® II and Noiselezz PS if required, and the latter version has 20% more strength than the Standard version in each case.

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