SleepPro SFA® Fitting Instructions

Fitting: Please read these instructions through thoroughly before commencing the fitting process.

  1. Identify which tray is for the upper teeth and which one is for the lower. The words “Upper” and “Lower” are etched on the base of each tray. The upper tray also has a pronounced dip in the front.
  2. We suggest that you try snapping the inserts and in time the straps on each pin and each matching insert/strap hole first without trying to assemble. It takes a fair amount of force but there is a definite “snap” reward when fully engaged. Remember there is a “hook” on each pin. You need to fit the “hole” over the hook first, then snap the other up angled side down.
  3. Secure the fitting plate/handle to the UPPER & LOWER tray and gently immerse in freshly boiled water for 3 minutes until the gel lining becomes softened.
  4. Carefully remove from the water and gently shake off any excess. Before placing into the mouth, hold the mouthpiece against the back of your hand to check that it is not too hot.
  5. Place the tray in your mouth over the top teeth first, with your front teeth as close as possible to the front edge and keeping the central reference line (raised vertical bar) between your two front teeth.
  6. Push your lower jaw forward slightly so that your lower teeth bite into the middle of the gel.
  7. Bite down firmly so that your teeth sink into the soft gel and you feel them make contact with the hard shell. Any excess gel displaced can be pushed and moulded with a wet finger to ensure firm contact with the teeth. Allow the gel to cool for 30-40 seconds then carefully remove and rinse in cold water to “set” the shape. The gel layer can be carefully trimmed with scissors when warm if it extends too far onto the gums and is uncomfortable.
  8. Allow to cool well in cold water for 2 minutes.
  9. Remove the fitting plate/handle which can be stored for future use should you wish to re-mould.
  10. Now attach a matched pair of tension straps, it is suggested that you try using the middle pair first; the setting is suitable for a majority of users. If you find this does not stop your snoring move down to the next shorter pair. Conversely, should you find the first setting too far forward, select the next pair of straps above. There may be a few nights of trial before finding the optimum setting. You may require a little patience and perseverance, but it will be worth it.


Improving the fit:

  • If you have some missing teeth or feel the gel liner does not grip well enough we have enclosed some small sticks of “addition gel”
  • Reattach the fitting handle/plate.
  • Immerse in hot water again for 30 seconds to slightly soften the surface. Remove from the water and in the areas requiring improvement place a few pieces of the addition gel. These should stick to the tacky surface. Immerse in hot water again for 1 minute and repeat the fitting process.

If all goes wrong; Simple attach the fitting handle/plate and immerse in hot water for 2 minutes, remove from the water and with damp fingers push all the gel level, return to the hot water, reheat for 1 minute and repeat the fitting instructions.


You should seek advice from your medical professional before fitting this device if you have any of the following:

  • TMJ dysfunction
  • Mobile teeth or crowns, periodontitis, large gaps between teeth.
  • Over sensitive gag reflex
  • Central sleep apnoea
  • Limited mandibular advancement

Remember, if you aren’t happy, simply send it back to us within 45 days for a 50% refund (less shipping).