SleepPro 2 Custom Fitting Instructions

This is a copy of the fitting instructions that come with your SleepPro 2 Custom kit. Thank you for your Sleep Pro 2 order.

Contents of your order:

  • SleepPro 2 Custom Impression Tray (SleepPro 1 with holes for putty).
  • 2x Dental Putty Tubs.
  • Impression Return Bag.
  • SleepPro 2 Custom Fitting Instructions.
  • Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Return Envelope.

Please find enclosed your impression kit, from which we will make your SleepPro 2 Custom in our laboratory.

Please follow the enclosed fitting instructions very carefully and do not hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about any aspect of fitting your new mouthpiece:

There are 3 stages to the fitting process. You need to complete Stage 1 before doing Stages 2 & 3.

Do not use a microwave. If for some reason your fitting does not go well and you need replacement impression trays or putty, please don’t worry. We will be more than happy to send you a replacement, so you can try again (there is a small charge for this). Just email or call us at 1-877-771-7794.

Fitting instructions background – Key points:

  • You must have had at least some success with the SleepPro 2 Custom Impression Tray 1, before sending your impression to the lab.
  • Most people can fit a SleepPro 2 Custom themselves with no complications.
  • In the unlikely event that you experience excessive pain or discomfort, stop using the device immediately and contact us.
  • SleepPro’s may be unsuitable for people with bridgework.

The fitting process:

  • Stage one involves fitting and wearing a SleepPro 2 Custom Impression Tray (without putty) for at least two nights, or until you have determined the right degree of jaw advancement. You need to be sure the mouthpiece is holding your jaw far enough forward to stop your snoring, but not so far forward that it is causing jaw muscle pain.
  • Stage two is to mix the dental putty, put it into the upper and lower sections of the impression tray and bite into it (hard).
  • Stage three is to return the completed impressions and impression tray to our lab in the envelope provided. It is really very simple, but it is important that you follow the instructions.

Stage 1: Impression Tray

It is extremely important that you familiarise yourself with these instructions. Please do not attempt to fit the mouthpiece until you understand the instructions. Please follow the instructions as precisely as possible.

What you will need before you start: (i) at least a mug of water, (ii) a kettle (or pot in which to boil water), (iii) a mug to put just boiled water into, (iv) cold water from a tap or in a bowl or mug (a second mug), (v) a spoon or fork to scoop the impression tray out of hot water (so you don’t scald your fingers), (vi) a watch or timer, and (vii) a mirror may be useful to help you see what they are doing.

  • The SleepPro 2 Custom impression tray has a top and a bottom. The top has a notch.
  • Make sure the plastic insert or ‘handle’ is in the breathing holes at the front of the Sleep Pro impression tray. It should go all the way through.
  • Take just boiled water and put it in a mug. Let the water stand and cool for 1 minutes, then completely immerse the impression tray in the hot water for two (2) minutes. Scoop it out with a spoon or fork.
  • Shake it gently to remove excess water. Make sure it is not too hot before you put it in your mouth.
  • With the big notch at the top, place the mouthpiece in your mouth on your lower teeth first, then the upper teeth.
  • Push your jaw forward as you did when you fitted your SleepPro 1. Remember you should push your jaw far enough forward to stop your snoring, but not so far forward that it causes discomfort. If you are unclear about this point, or you have not used a SleepPro 1 before, then please feel free to contact us. It is perfectly normal to re-do this stage several times until you get it right – we suggest starting with edge-to-edge where the top and bottom front teeth line up, or maybe a little more than this. If it doesn’t work, then try a different position.
  • Bite hard for about 10 seconds, with your jaw forward. Note the plastic insert / ‘handle’ is there (i) to give you something to hold onto when you put the impression tray in your mouth, and (ii) it provides some “give” when you bite into it, but at the same time holds the breathing holes open. If you find you need another impression tray, because something has gone wrong at this stage; don’t worry, this is absolutely no problem. Call us on this UK number 01962-761-831 and ask for another impression tray (there is a charge for this) or visit to order one online.
  • Suck to remove excess saliva and provide a better fit. After about 30 seconds take the device out of your mouth and run it under cold water until it has cooled. Repeat the process as required until you are sure the device is comfortable and you know it stops your snoring.
  • Remove the plastic insert when wearing the mouthpiece, but do not throw it away as it will be needed if you remould the mouthpiece.

Stage 1 in Summary:

  • Boil water and let it stand and cool in a cup for 1 minute.
  • Put impression tray in hot water for 2 minutes.
  • Place impression tray in mouth with big notch at top.
  • Bite hard and push your jaw forward. (look for the “drawbridge” effect as the jaw moves forward, the insert/handle rises like a drawbridge).
  • Use your index finger like a toothbrush to push the mouthpiece against your teeth.
  • Push the inside front section with your tongue, especially the bit behind your lower front teeth.
  • Suck, then bite for about 30 Seconds
  • Remove from mouth. Cool in water. Repeat if necessary

After you have completed Stage 1 and have tried the mouthpiece for at least one night, you must decide whether or not the mouthpiece is OK to be made into a SleepPro 2 Custom. If you are unsure then, please contact us. If you are satisfied that the mouthpiece is: (i) comfortable (e.g. it is a bit bulky, but it does not cause your jaw muscles to ache) and (ii) you can confirm it stops your snoring (even if only for part of the night), then, and only then, should you proceed to stage 2. If you are not satisfied with points (i) and (ii) above, then you need to repeat stage 1. Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss what to do.

A SleepPro 2 Custom cannot be “tweaked” once it is made, so you need to be sure that your SleepPro impression tray is satisfactory in terms of points (i) and (ii). If we make a SleepPro 2 Custom in the laboratory and you find it does not stop your snoring or causes your jaw muscles to ache, then there will be an additional charge to make you a new one (it cannot be remolded like a SleepPro 1).

Instructions – Stage 2 Taking the Impression with Dental Putty

After you have completed Stage 1 and have tried the mouthpiece for at least one night and you are sure the mouthpiece is comfortable, even if it is a bit bulky, and you can confirm it stops your snoring, only then you should proceed to Stage 2.

What you will need before you start: (i) a clean plate to mix the putty on, (ii) a watch or timer, (iii) a pair of scissors, and (iv) dental floss. Make sure the putties have been in the refrigerator for at least an hour prior to use and do not remove them from the fridge until you are about to start mixing.

Stage 2 Taking the Impression:

  • Make sure the impression tray is completely dry before using, particularly on the inside. The plastic insert / “handle” is optional for Stage 2.
  • Remove the putties from the putty containers before you start, but DO NOT MIX them until you are completely ready as you only have 30 seconds before the putty starts to set.
  • When you are ready, take the putties and knead them vigorously for 30 seconds. Knead them until they are one colour.
  • Quickly roll the mixed putties into a “sausage” about the length of a finger and break it in half. Push one “sausage” in the top tray and one in the bottom tray. The putty should be teased-out to fill the entire length of the top and bottom of the mouthpiece. Remember (i) you need to work quickly as you only have 30 seconds before the putty starts to set and (ii) you need to bite into the putty as soon as you have put it in the impression tray.
  • Check the tray is the right way up; that is, with the big notch at the top, put it in your mouth and locate it in place by biting hard into it. Bite hard through the putty – this will move your jaw forward and into place in the mouthpiece. DO NOT PUSH THE TRAY INTO PLACE WITH YOUR FINGERS.
  • Close your lips and keep your mouth shut for two and a half minutes. There is no need to continue to bite hard after a few seconds, but you should keep your mouth closed firmly.
  • After two and a half minutes, carefully remove the impression from your teeth and rinse it with cold or warm water.
  • If you are satisfied with the impression, then please send it to the Laboratory as instructed below. If not, then please contact us to discuss the next step. or, if you are in the UK, call this number: 01962-761-831.
  • Write your name and address on the small Impression Return Bag. Put the completed impression in the small Impression Return Bag and seal it. Put this in the cardboard box (remembering to check that your name and address are on the Return Bag). It should then be sent to the address on the envelope where it will be made into your SleepPro 2 Custom in our laboratory.
  • Feel free to use a pair of scissors to trim away some of the excess putty from above and below the plastic impression tray if it does not fit easily in the small bag and box that is sent to the lab.
  • If you have any particles caught between your teeth, they may be removed using dental floss.

Stage 2 in Summary

  • Remove putties from containers, but do not mix until you are ready.
  • Knead the putties until one colour (30 seconds maximum).
  • Roll into “sausages”. Place in Upper and Lower Sections of Impression Tray.
  • Check Impression Tray is Right Way Up (big notch at top).
  • Bite hard into Putty for 10 secs then bite firmly. DO NOT USE YOUR FINGERS. It is OK to bite through the putty.
  • Hold for 2½ minutes with mouth closed firmly and then remove carefully from mouth.

Stage 3:

Send it to the Laboratory (in the envelope provided) to be made into your SleepPro 2 Custom. If taking the impression did not go well, then please contact us. We may need to send you another impression kit – there will be a small charge for this.

Use of your SleepPro 2 Custom

The mouthpiece will feel more comfortable with time. It is possible you may experience mild discomfort in the teeth and jaw during the settling-in period. This is not unusual and normally disappears shortly after removing the mouthpiece. However, please use common sense – if you have any questions, remember we are here to help (we cannot give medical advice, but we can provide general pointers).

Care of Your SleepPro 2 Custom

Please treat your SleepPro 2 Custom with care and be gentle when putting it in and taking it out of your mouth. Gently brush your SleepPro 2 Custom after use under running water and, occasionally, an antiseptic mouthwash (of the type you can buy from a supermarket). We do not recommend toothpaste as it contains abrasives that will cause damage; however, the occasional brush with toothpaste may not cause a problem. Leave your mouthpiece exposed to the air during the day, so it can dry out. This will help to kill organisms that may make it smell. Do not attempt to remold a SleepPro 2 Custom in hot water as this will make it unwearable.