SleepPro 1® Fitting Instructions

Thank you for ordering a SleepPro 1. Mandibular advancement devices work by (i) pushing the jaw forward to create more space to breathe through in the upper airway and (ii) gently stretching the soft palate. This can be a very effective way of stopping snoring and making it easier to breathe while asleep.

Most people can fit a SleepPro 1 themselves with no complications. However, some people benefit from having their dentist assess their teeth prior to fitting. If you think that this may be the case for you, then please make a dental appointment before fitting the device. We want you to overcome your snoring or sleep problem, but we don’t want you to come to any harm. In the unlikely event that your dentist advises that a mandibular advancement device is unsuitable for your teeth, then please contact us.

Please take your SleepPro 1 with you every time you go for a routine dental check-up. Tell your dentist that you are using a mandibular advancement device and ask him or her to check for signs that it may be affecting your teeth or gums.

Helpful Hints

Please follow the fitting instructions very carefully and please note SleepPros may be unsuitable for people with bridgework. If your SleepPro 1 does not work right away on the first night, then it needs to be remolded. Do not persevere in the hope it will get better. It will not. It needs to be remolded.

For example…

  • If you are still snoring, then you may need to remold the SleepPro 1 with your jaw further forward.
  • If your jaw muscles hurt, then you may need to remold it with your jaw less far forward.
  • If it stops your snoring, but then your jaw drops out and you start snoring again, then you need to remold it taking extra care to push the mouthpiece against your teeth with your fingers and tongue during the molding process, or upgrade to a SleepPro 2 Custom. You may also like to try our SomnoSupport Chin Strap which is designed to keep your mouth from falling open while asleep.

Should you have any problems fitting your SleepPro 1, please read our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers document. It has lots of information about what to do if your SleepPro 1 does not work.

The white plastic insert that comes with the SleepPro is very important. It is only used during the fitting process and is designed to keep the breathing holes open during the fitting process. It has another useful function and that is a way of seeing whether you have pushed your jaw forward, as it will rise like a drawbridge when your jaw goes forward. Once you have completed the fitting, you should remove it, but keep it somewhere safe in case you decide to redo the fitting at a later date.

What to expect in the first weeks:

Your partner will know whether the device works for you on the first night. However, it can take anything from a few days to couple of weeks to get used to wearing a SleepPro 1. As soon as you know that pushing your jaw forward stops your snoring, even if only for a short while, you can then consider upgrading to our SleepPro 2 Custom, in the confidence that it will also work and that it will be easier to wear through the night. Or, like many of our customers, you may choose to keep using a SleepPro 1.

Some people tell us that for the first few nights they have difficulty keeping the mouthpiece in their mouth for the whole night, or it may fall out while asleep. This is normal and improves with time. Some people wear the mouthpiece for short periods during the day while they get used to it. Note: you are less likely to have these problems with a custom-made device, like our SleepPro 2 Custom.

The device will feel more comfortable with time. Many people experience discomfort in the front teeth during the settling in period. This is normal and usually disappears shortly after removing the mouthpiece. However, if the discomfort is excessive, or you feel that damage is being done to your teeth or gums, then stop using the device immediately and contact us. Once again, a custom made mandibular advancement device, like a SleepPro 2 Custom is likely to alleviate these problems.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Most people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) snore, but only a small percentage of snorers have OSA. If your partner has noticed pauses in your breathing while you sleep, or if you have significant daytime tiredness, then you should mention this to your doctor and ask about a sleep study.

SleepPro 2 Custom Custom-Made Mandibular Advancer

If you find that a SleepPro 1 has worked, but you would like something more comfortable and easier to breathe through, or you find your jaw keeps dropping out, then you may want to upgrade to a custom-made SleepPro 2 Custom. The SleepPro 2 Custom is made from a dental impression kit that can be fitted at home, or by your dentist. It takes a perfect impression of your teeth and is made into a custom-fitted mouthpiece.

It is extremely important that you familiarize yourself with the instructions. Please do not attempt to fit the mouthpiece until you understand the instructions and please follow them as precisely as possible. Ensure the white insert for the breathing holes is in place. Make sure it goes all the way through. It would point away from your face when the device is in your mouth. The SleepPro has a top and a bottom. The top has a notch.

Practice the molding procedure a couple of times until you are comfortable with it. Push your jaw forward so that your lower front teeth are slightly in front of your upper front teeth. For most people, this is going to be the position where you want the device to hold your jaw. However, you may need to try a few different positions before you find one that is right for you (your comfort level). The idea is to push your jaw far enough forward to open your airway, but not so far forward that it causes discomfort and stops your sleeping. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right on the first attempt. Just take a relaxed attitude and repeat the molding process until you feel you have it right. It is normal for people to repeat the fitting process several times.

What you will need before you start:

  • at least a cup of water
  • a kettle or pot (do not use a microwave)
  • a mug to put just boiled water into
  • cold water from a tap, in a bowl or cup (a second cup)
  • a spoon or fork to scoop the impression tray out of hot water (so you don’t scald your fingers)
  • a watch or timer
  • a mirror to help you see what you are doing

If possible, get someone else to read the instructions to you as you fit the mouthpiece.

Your 10 steps to peaceful sleep

Boil some water and pour it into a mug – let it cool for one (1) minute (if the water is too hot, the mouthpiece will become rough and may be unwearable. Do not use a microwave to boil the water).

Ensure the insert/handle is firmly in place. This keeps the breathing channels open and acts as a handle during the molding process. Completely immerse the SleepPro for two (2) minutes in the hot water. It should be soft enough to take an impression of your teeth and change shape as you move your jaw forward.

Remove and shake off excess water – check it is not too hot.

Push any folded over material back into place using your thumb on the insides of the horseshoe – top and bottom. You will not break the mouthpiece, so push them back as hard as you need to. This is important as, if the sides fold down, they will catch on your teeth when you bite into the mouthpiece.

Check it is the right way up with the notch at the top.

Put it on your lower teeth first then gently close your mouth. Use a mirror to see what you are doing.

Bite hard and move your lower jaw forward – to begin with, try with your lower front teeth slightly in front of your upper front teeth. Bite hard for ten (10) seconds and then bite firmly for another twenty (20) seconds while continuing with the steps below. Note: if you bite through the mouthpiece, this is generally not a problem. However, if your upper and lower teeth are touching, then you should not use the mouthpiece.

Drawbridge effect:

Look for the drawbridge effect, where when you push your lower jaw forward, you see the insert for the breathing holes rise up like a drawbridge. It should start at the horizontal and rise up more and more as you push your jaw further forward. Most people will need to see at least some rise in the drawbridge for the mouthpiece to have any effect. How much? It varies from person to person, but you will soon find what is comfortable for you.

Suck in:

To help keep the white plastic insert in place as well as to remove excess saliva and help get a good fit.

Mold the mouthpiece against your teeth

Use your Index Finger like a Toothbrush:

Robustly rub the outer section of the mouthpiece against your teeth – as if you are brushing your teeth with your index finger. This will help it take the shape of your teeth.


Push hard with your tongue against the mouthpiece, particularly against the back of your lower front teeth. Blow out through your mouth if it is too hot.

Remove after 30 seconds and put in cold water, until it has cooled. Try the mouthpiece in your mouth.

Repeat the process if you need to – If you are not happy with your fitting, then repeat the above process. You will probably get a better fit if you repeat the fitting process at least once. You can make further adjustments after the first night if you feel it is necessary. Remember to remove the white plastic insert from the breathing hole before wearing your SleepPro, but don’t throw it away as you will need it in the future if you decide to remold it.

Remember, if you aren’t happy, simply send it back to us within 45 days for a 100% refund (less shipping).