Why do we offer our products only in US dollars?

Simply because the US dollar is the world standard trading currency. No matter where you are in the world you know or someone can tell you what your currency is in relation to the U.S. dollar very quickly. So simply put it is the best for our customers wherever they are located through out the world. This is not meant to induce orders from any one country rather to simplify orders from all countries. Trying to keep up with the various wildly fluctuating currencies, including the dollar, proved to be very difficult and unfair so we have chosen to ride the US dollar wagon. For informational purposes only, you can check your currency’s current value against the US dollar here.

Is shipping included with the purchase of your products?

Shipping is not included in the purchase price, although we provide low-cost first-class airmail through the postal system of our country to yours. In some cases, you can save money on shipping costs by ordering more than one item at a time.

Do you ship anywhere in the world?

Yes, when you provide an address that is accessible by your country’s postal system. We ship by first-class air mail through your local postal delivery service. When Denture-Brite is ordered, shipping charges are higher because of the high weight and quality of this product. See the Denture-Brite product page and order page for details. All sales are F.O.B., our facility; shipping is prepaid. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide a complete and correct “Deliver To” mailing address. Importing costs to any country outside Canada are not our (TCPI) responsibility. These costs are not included and not calculated. No prescription required, anywhere in the world.

Do you really ship within 12 hours?

Yes, in fact most orders (over 96%) are shipped within one to three hours from our stock. Orders received before 10:00 AM Mountain Time will be shipped on that day. Other orders are shipped early on the next business day. Transit time is 5 to 12 business days depending on your location. We do not take responsibility for delays due to importing and customs, but most often, these are no problems.

What are your telephone hours?

You may phone us on weekdays, Monday – Friday, 8 am – 5 pm. We are in the Mountain Time Zone in North America. If you live in the Eastern Time Zone, please call us between 10 am – 7 pm, your time. If you are in the Central Time Zone, call us from 9 am – 6 pm, your time. If you are in the Pacific Time Zone, call us from 7 am – 4 pm, your time. We are closed on all Statutory Holidays.

Has a shipment ever been lost?

No, never!

How do you ship?

We ship by air mail, Canada Post through your local postal delivery service to your mail delivery address.

What is the transit time?

Experience has shown us from 5 to 12 business days, anywhere in the world. We do not take responsibility for delays due to importing and customs, but most often, these are no problems.

SomnoGuard products cannot be shipped to the USA, China, or Taiwan. Why not?

In accordance with an agreement with Tomed, the manufacturer of SomnoGuard products, and in accordance with an outmoded USA FDA law (largely ignored but still in place). no direct sales are allowed of SomnoGuard products only, into the USA, China or Taiwan. All other products on our site may be shipped anywhere in the world.

Please read the following carefully:
SomnoGuard products only: We cannot ship any SomnoGuard appliance into the USA, China or Taiwan. There are two information areas on our order form: “From” and “Ship To”. You can order “From”, but not “Ship To” the USA, China or Taiwan. Any payment sent with a USA, China, or Taiwan “Ship To” address for a SomnoGuard product will require us to refund your payment. We will deduct approximately 5% of your order amount to recover a small part of these remittance/refund costs, for an incorrectly filled out SomnoGuard order. We feel there are many warnings and clear advisory notes on our site regarding this issue. Again, this only applies to The SomnoGuard AP appliance.

Is there a discount for repeat orders?

Yes, details are enclosed with your appliance.

Are you a recognized sleep treatment center?

We are suppliers of mandibular advancement appliances. However, we do have extensive experience with snoring treatment. We sometimes think of ourselves as marriage and relationship counselors. We have put many relationships back in one bedroom at night. This gives us a great deal of satisfaction.

Are you a licensed distributor organization?

Yes. We are licensed by Health Canada and we are a federally incorporated company.

When ordering, is my transaction secure?

Yes, we use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and credit card encryption. Please read our privacy policies here.

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, any information we collect is kept in strict confidence. Please read our privacy policies here.

Do you have a policy regarding fraudulent credit card usage?

Because of the recent increase in fraudulent credit usage and the increased costs incurred by our firm, we are implementing the following practice. Most of the frauds occur with a party that orders the product shipped to an address that differs from the credit card holders address. In these cases, we will be in direct contact with the credit card holder before shipment is made.

We keep impeccable control of all information given to us and this fraud occurs outside of our control area. There have been no incidents of fraud within our system. This is all done with stolen cards and because we sell premium quality products, we are being targeted from the outside. We would rather stop this than as some do just increase your cost and allow it to continue because of inaction.

Are 'returning', 'repeat' orders discounted?

Yes always, please simply follow instructions detailed on the back of your invoice copy and or letter enclosed with your order.

What is your warranty?


Effective September 24, 2012, we are happy to refund per the following within 45 days, less our original shipping cost, subject to the following limitations:

  • The warranty applies to SleepPro®, Noiselezz® and Noiselezz® II products only.
  • Combination discount will be deducted from refund where applicable.
  • Whether you actually use the appliance or not, once it has left our hands, it is considered “used”. We cannot, under any circumstances, resell any returned appliances. They are examined, documented and then immediately destroyed.
  • Fitting errors are now covered partially as above, except only as a credit upon purchase of a replacement appliance. Yes, repeat order discount is applicable, see above. Return is necessary.
  • The appliance must be shipped according to our instructions (below).
  • Resale accounts are not eligible for this risk warranty or the repeat order discount


Please read and follow exactly. There is no need to contact us for permission. Please ship via post, and only post (Standard surface or air mail, in an envelope is the most economical).

  • Mark the package “Canadian Goods Returning”, and “No Commercial Value.”
  • Your return address must be the same as the original “ship to” address, clearly marked on the outside of your return package. No protective, special packaging required.
  • Include a note of explanation and your name and address in full.
  • Please include an invoice number, there is no reason for special packaging, the contents being returned truly have no value and require no protection. Again, no value on any customs form please.
  • Shipping by any other method will automatically be returned to the sender, at the sender’s cost.
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