Cures for Snoring  The Customer’s Viewpoint and Comments

Perhaps you’re reading this after suffering yet another night of disturbed sleep thanks to snoring  and even worse if it was your partner and not you. It is estimated that approximately one half of the population snores at some time or another  even more in some countries. Here at NoSnoreZone we’re ever interested to learn of your problems and experiences, and to know if we’ve been able to help you, which is always our goal.

Just remember that any comment or information that you provide may well help another snorer or their partner to get many a decent night sleep or better still improve their health and add years to their life.

Customer Comments and Testimonials:

“I just received my second Noiselezz product from you. I must tell you that when I first came across your site last year I was skeptical about the product. But I figured what the heck and I went for it. I noticed results immediately and they were for the positive. I could not believe that a small adjustment to my lower jaw while I slept would make all the difference in the world but it has. I sleep better and I do not snore and that has made the purchases well worth the money. Thank you very much and I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am for stumbling across your website last year."
Butch Turner

“I have used your product for 2 months and have noticed almost complete relief of my snoring as well as sleep apnea. I’m sure that the majority of snoring and sleep apnea are caused by pharyngeal obstruction and will be relieved by a mandibular advancement device such as yours. Thank you for the help.”
Dennis R Derby, MD

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You. Your Product really proves great, my son is already using it and he's no longer snoring. He even brings it along with him in his job, he's a bartender in one of the luxury ships bound for Asian countries. More power and have a nice holiday.
Sonia Dycoco

Thanks for contacting me. I am already using this product (Noiselezz) but felt it needed replacing after a couple years. I works very well. It also keeps me from grinding my teeth at night :)
Randy Harper

My order made it to Wisconsin in four days like you thought it might. It works great! I couldn't be happier! Thanks for the great service. Sincerely
Susan Buhler

“I just wanted to give you an update on my use of the SomnoGuard and Nozovent products. I’ll start with the easy one, Nozovent. It’s a significant improvement over adhesive nasal strips (which I’ve been using for months), providing better opening of the nasal passages, and anticipated lower costs because the Nozovent can be used many times. It’s also quite comfortable after the first few (less than 5) minutes in place. Unfortunately, my snoring must not be of the type benefitted by this because it doesn’t help my snoring by itself — however, it’s the perfect complement to the SomnoGuard. My first night with the SomnoGuard proved, very quickly, that I had fitted the piece with my lower jaw too far forward and I could not tolerate the position my jaw was in. The next day I refitted it and that night I had the first snoreless night I’ve had in months! Not only was I not snoring, but it seemed that the sleep I got was of better quality — I must have some sleep apnea. As I expected, I have been experiencing some soreness in my teeth and gums, but it seems to be lessening with each night. I have found that the device works best for me with my mouth closed completely over it and breathing through my nose, which is aided significantly by the Nozovent. As long as the soreness in my mouth continues to improve and my dentist has no concerns with it, I believe I’ve found my solution to snoring! This is one of the few products out there that has actually lived up to its claims. THANK YOU!!!”
Heath Howe

This e-mail is to confirm delivery. I am located about 10 miles south of Los Angeles, CA, and the package that was shipped on March 10/08 arrived today, March 14/08. Thank-you for your fast service.
Jim Winkelpleck

“I just wanted you to know I received the device on Friday, 19 March 2004. It has done miracles already!! My fiance and I have not been able to sleep in the same bed since we met. He is a light sleeper and between my allergies and snoring it was impossible for him to even sleep in the same end of the house. The first night Noiselezz arrived I tried it and when I woke up in the morning he was still next to me! THANK YOU! We had decided we would not let this problem affect our relationship but I was not looking forward to separate bedrooms for the rest of our lives!!! Now we don’t have to worry about it. Again thank you. You will hear from me again. As soon as the wedding is over I may buy half a dozen and stash them everywhere (camping gear, glove box for road trips, etc.) so I am never without. Many Blessings”
Debi McReynolds

“I ordered the Noiselezz device on May 19 and received it on May 24, so I was very pleased with the prompt delivery! I am very pleased with Noiselezz—after the first couple of nights my mouth got quite used to it. It has definitely curbed my snoring—I haven’t woken my husband up with snoring since starting to use Noiselezz. One of my friends is interested in Noiselezz, so I gave her your website to check it out. Thank you!”
Kathryn Oliver

Received the package in Singapore on the 23rd (ordered on 19th). I was able to collect it on my way to Thailand. Excellent service. Highly recommend! Thanks.
Ravi Weerasekera, Sri Lanka

I have been having very restful sleeps do to the Noizelezz appliance I ordered from your company and I will order replacements as needed in the future."
William Pangowish

Thank you so much for the follow-up email. I received my package on 12/19, earlier than expected! I also very much appreciate all the great information you included in the package as well as on your Web site. My husband has stopped wearing his ear plugs, and we both are very, very pleased! Exceptional customer service is quite rare, and I want to commend you for yours!
Joan Doolittle

What fantastic service I wish Big Business was that efficient!
Jacky Davis

Thank you for your prompt service. I received my order on Jan. 17. I was very pleased with the design. I had in the past purchased a SnorBan product similar in design with your SomnoGuard. But this is a far superior design, much more comfortable for me. Yes, I'm the snorer in the family and my husband (the light sleeper) is happy. Thank you!
Rosemary Savard

My boyfriend and I already have a Noiselezz and now we’re ordering another(one for each house!). We love it and we’ve recommended it to a number of our friends who are struggling with snoring.. thanks!! The last one we ordered came very quickly. I’ve referred so many people to your product recently! Can’t believe how many couples I know have a “snoring problem”. I tell them about your product and the ones that have ordered it are THRILLED! Thanks for inventing this relationship saver!”
Evelyn Meyers