Cures for Snoring  The Customer’s Viewpoint and Comments

Perhaps you’re reading this after suffering yet another night of disturbed sleep thanks to snoring  and even worse if it was your partner and not you. It is estimated that approximately one half of the population snores at some time or another  even more in some countries. Here at NoSnoreZone we’re ever interested to learn of your problems and experiences, and to know if we’ve been able to help you, which is always our goal.

Just remember that any comment or information that you provide may well help another snorer or their partner to get many a decent night sleep or better still improve their health and add years to their life.

Customer Comments and Testimonials:

Hi Kristen! The delivery showed up in my mailbox today, 04.12.13 (shipped from Canada 04.04.13). Thumbs up! I have tried Noiselezzz once before and I am ( as well as my wife) looking forward for a good night's sleep. It work's, that's for sure..... Thank you for good reply, easy website/and ordering, fast shipping and good prices. Have a great summer.. Best regards Erik
Erik, Lillehammer, Norway

“I just wanted to give you an update on my use of the SomnoGuard and Nozovent products. I’ll start with the easy one, Nozovent. It’s a significant improvement over adhesive nasal strips (which I’ve been using for months), providing better opening of the nasal passages, and anticipated lower costs because the Nozovent can be used many times. It’s also quite comfortable after the first few (less than 5) minutes in place. Unfortunately, my snoring must not be of the type benefitted by this because it doesn’t help my snoring by itself — however, it’s the perfect complement to the SomnoGuard. My first night with the SomnoGuard proved, very quickly, that I had fitted the piece with my lower jaw too far forward and I could not tolerate the position my jaw was in. The next day I refitted it and that night I had the first snoreless night I’ve had in months! Not only was I not snoring, but it seemed that the sleep I got was of better quality — I must have some sleep apnea. As I expected, I have been experiencing some soreness in my teeth and gums, but it seems to be lessening with each night. I have found that the device works best for me with my mouth closed completely over it and breathing through my nose, which is aided significantly by the Nozovent. As long as the soreness in my mouth continues to improve and my dentist has no concerns with it, I believe I’ve found my solution to snoring! This is one of the few products out there that has actually lived up to its claims. THANK YOU!!!”
Heath Howe

The product I ordered works really well. I followed the instructions, formed it to my mouth and teeth. When I use it, I don't snore. I am amazed at how simple and effective it is. It was a little uncomfortable, but I got used to it after the first few nights. Thank you for saving my relationship.

It works like magic as my snoring has stopped! I am very impressed. So a superb product (SleepPro 1). Many thanks.
Ann Nutkins

For over two years I had not been able to sleep with my wife. Thank you, this product has worked from day one. I have used it now every night for 3 months with no ill effects. Every morning waking up with my wife beside me again has been wonderful. It has brought us closer and we both feel married again. Thank you again I have spread the word to a number of my friends.

“For well over 20 years I have been a snorer. My snoring has gotten progressively worse. I have tried many different things on the market that claim to cure or lessen snoring. None of them have worked…Breathe Right Nasal Strips, Chin Up Strips, various mouth sprays, etc. About 15 years ago I had a special plastic retainer custom made for me by a dentist..it helped somewhat, but was very uncomfortable to wear, and very expensive. My last three relationships, including the tail end of my marriage, resulted with me sleeping in a separate room because of my snoring. Recently, I started a new relationship with a lady that I care for very much. I dreaded the thought of having to tell her that when the time came we would have to sleep in separate rooms because of my snoring. I went on a desperate search trying to find anything new that I hadn’t tried over the years that might possibly help. I saw your website on the Internet advertising your Noiselezz device. I was skeptical, but figured I’d take the chance. I ordered one last month. One night prior to receiving the Noiselezz, I tape recorded myself sleeping just to confirm that I still was snoring a loud as ever, and I was. So loud and for so long that it scared me listening to it. When I received the Noiselezz, I taped recorded myself one night sleeping with the Noiselezz…I could’nt believe what I heard the next morning. The snoring was gone..Totally!! Last weekend my girlfriend and I slept together for the first time. I still was nervous about the possiblility that I would be snoring, and when we woke up the first morning, I asked her how she slept. She said just fine. I am now convinced that the Noiselezz really works. Not only does it work to totally eliminate my snoring, but it is comfortable to wear, and I woke up feeling much more refreshed than many other nights of what I thought was a good night’s sleep without the Noiselezz. Thanks, Jack, for the Noiselezz. It not only has “made my day”, it has changed my life.”
Bob Bergman

“Many thanks for great service, I was surprised to receive the shipment so quickly on Friday, Aug 26th. I find the Noiselezz appliance far more comfortable and effective than the fixed moulded type I have had for many years (different supplier) Regards”

I received my order in Monday's mail. Things are now quiet at night!!! Thanks
Sandy Larson

I recieved my appliance June 18, 2007 very fast delivery to my area. Thank you for a great product!
Kathy Hummel

Dear Kristen, I received my order today, January 28th. That's pretty fast. Thank you for crediting my account for being a repeat customer. I have tried a couple of different kinds of these mouthpieces and this style is the most comfortable. Thank you again
Jenana Beurket

I received delivery of the SomnoGuard appliance 4 days after ordering. Being a dentist who treats patients with sleep apnea, I was curious to see how effective such a simple device could be. I am also a snorer who has not gone through a single night in 30 years without being woken up by my wife and having to turn on my side. I (and my wife) was amazed after the first night. Not only did she not have to turn me over, but I also slept through the night with interruption from the apnea itself. I normally wake up 2-3 times a night just because of breathing issues. I plan on incorporating this appliance into the treatment of patients in my clinic. I have taken an informal poll of patients in the clinic and a surprisingly large number claim to be snorers or at least told so by their spouses. What an aid this could be be. I am sure there are countless other people walking around who could benefit from this appliance.
MAJ Gary Stone, Operations Officer

“I have been using the Noiselezz for a week now. IT IS WONDERFUL. I had been using a CPAP unit for about 2 years. The CPAP worked OK, but there were lots of problems with the mask moving, airflow noise, etc. Now, all that is eliminated. Plus, I travel a lot for my job. It was a real problem taking the CPAP to Japan, Australia, etc. I once blew up my CPAP in Australia when I forgot to switch from 110V to 220V. With your Noiselezz product, that is all in the past. Thanks again. I will be telling several friends about this and they should order soon. I hope they do! Best regards”
Jim Thrush

“Been using the Noiselezz for about a week now, with near-perfect results. According to my wife, my snoring has been 98% eliminated, and my sleep apnea no longer occurs. She no longer needs to use earplugs, white noise, or to escape to the couch. The appliance fits well, and as promised, I’ve adjusted to it during the first week. It’s now reasonably comfortable, and the more I wear it, the fewer nights I wake and find it ejected from my mouth. Like many others, I tried the simplest and easiest remedies without success, and was working my way toward the more invasive (i.e. surgery, dentist-fitted appliances, etc). The Noiselezz is cheaper, easier, and less traumatic then those alternatives, and I’d encourage any snorer to give it a try before resorting to the “prescription” remedies.”
Jon Endres

“It works! No more snoring…my wife sleeps in quiet bliss. I had spent $400 for a custom-fitted [brand name withheld] appliance, but it failed to stop the snoring and then it fell apart. I lost several hinge pins and when the dentist requested $25 for a new pin, I decided to look elsewhere. Your product fits very comfortably and has eliminated my snoring…at a very economical price of $65. Thank you! Regards”
Peter Blakney

“Your product is amazing! I received it about a week ago and the first night I slept so soundly that my wife had to shake me because she thought I had died. Every morning I wake up I have more energy and my mind is crystal clear. It’s funny, but I feel like I’ve had the flu for the last few years. I have recommended your product to many friends with total confidence that they will get the results as I have. I’ts so refreshing to know there are still a product on the market that does exactly what it claims to do. I can’t thank you enough and my wife and dog thank you too. All the best”
Tim O’Brien