Cures for Snoring  The Customer’s Viewpoint and Comments

Perhaps you’re reading this after suffering yet another night of disturbed sleep thanks to snoring  and even worse if it was your partner and not you. It is estimated that approximately one half of the population snores at some time or another  even more in some countries. Here at NoSnoreZone we’re ever interested to learn of your problems and experiences, and to know if we’ve been able to help you, which is always our goal.

Just remember that any comment or information that you provide may well help another snorer or their partner to get many a decent night sleep or better still improve their health and add years to their life.

Customer Comments and Testimonials:

I am pleased to report that I am finally sleeping again thanks to your product! My partner's snoring had gotten unbearable. This thing really works!!!!!!
Alice Kitselman

Thank you, the order arrived on 7/7/08. I appreciate your service.
Geir Mathisen

Just so you all know, your product arrived yesterday and I used it last night. She said it was the best and quietest night sleep my girlfriend's got in months.
Scott Renton

“My order from your company arrived today in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. As usual, thank you VERY much for your fast service and life saving product. It did indeed save my life!”
Cindy Paris

I have been having very restful sleeps do to the Noizelezz appliance I ordered from your company and I will order replacements as needed in the future."
William Pangowish

“Hey there - thanks! This is the second one of these I’ve ordered. They are for my boyfriend. His DOGS ate the last one! He has come to rely on it for a good nights sleep so he was very disappointed that the dogs got it. I wasn’t sure he would really be willing to use it, but he did. He said it was slightly uncomfortable the first night–more that he was aware of it – the second night it was very comfortable, and the morning after the third night he forgot he had it in his mouth until he went to brush his teeth! It has helped him tremendously. He is a powerlifter, and his workouts are stronger too from getting a good night’s sleep for a change. Thanks again!”
Laura Kordell

Dear Kristen, I received my order today, January 28th. That's pretty fast. Thank you for crediting my account for being a repeat customer. I have tried a couple of different kinds of these mouthpieces and this style is the most comfortable. Thank you again
Jenana Beurket

I'm writing to confirm receipt of my Noiselezz. I am truly amazed at how quickly it arrived, 2 days from Vancouver to Montreal, wow!! I did have my doubts about delivery time but you certainly proved me wrong! My boyfriend and I have been sleeping in separate rooms for over 6 months now because of his crazy-loud snoring. Unfortunately I couldn't manage to get him to try it out last night, he's convinced that it won't work, that he'll spit it out during the night, all sorts of excuses. I'm going to keep trying though because I am really convinced it will work and fix OUR problem. I'll write back when I succeed! Thank you again
Wendy Leavitt

“The package arrived on March 30. Let me say that the Noiselezz has finally controlled my snoring. It is the first device that ever worked for me. I ordered two more, because I always want to make sure I have one available. Many thanks”
Dennis Heney

I recieved my appliance June 18, 2007 very fast delivery to my area. Thank you for a great product!
Kathy Hummel

“I just got my Nozovent order…you are a life saver. I have been using these for over 12 years, I can’t remember when I started. I always had trouble breathing because of the deformation of my nasal. I always had to hold my nose open at night with my had, all night long. After I got the Nozovent, I didn’t know what to do with my hands any more. I had to get used to not using my hands. But it was a wonderful dilemma. Now that allergy season is here I need them during the day. I use the old ones all year round during the day but during allergy season I need the new ones. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these Nozovent, they changed my life for the better. God bless you all.”
Betty Brush

Thanks for your quick reply. Order has now been placed. And what a joy to find order pages that are simple to follow and easy on the eye. Have a great week
Jenny Liddle

I snored, clenched my jaw and woke up alone with wife sleeping elsewhere, unrested, with headaches, jaw pain, ringing my ear. A dentist made an appliance that fit over my bottom teeth only but did not stop the snoring or the clenching. I was desperate, searching the internet for something, anything that seemed real and not quackery. I tried the Noiselezz II and the relief was amazing - it cut way down on the snoring and took a lot of pressure off my jaw so I could wake up rested and headache free for the first time in years. I was sliding into depression from the tiredness and pain but this device brought me back to a good place. I don't go to sleep without it now. I just ordered 2 more because I am nervous about what would happen if I lost it. It really has transformed my life.
TG, Swampscott, MA

“I wanted to thank you for one of the best Christmas’s ever. I received my Noiselezz on Christmas Eve and wore it to bed that evening. I have been re-married since June and this is the first time my husband and I have been able to spend a whole night together. I did not snore one time. The mouthpiece is easy to use, very comfortable and helped make my Christmas the best ever. Thank you”
Linda S. Austin-Votruba

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to You. Your Product really proves great, my son is already using it and he's no longer snoring. He even brings it along with him in his job, he's a bartender in one of the luxury ships bound for Asian countries. More power and have a nice holiday.
Sonia Dycoco