Chin Support Strap

Our Chin Support Strap is a simple, affordable anti-snoring device that is worn across the chin and around the top / back of the head. It is used primarily to treat snoring caused by sleeping with the mouth open. Our exclusive adjustable design is a one-piece, two-strap unit, made of stretchy, comfortable SBR and Nylon. Our Chin Support Strap assists in keeping the jaw and mouth closed, thus forcing the mouth snorer to breathe through the nasal passages. It can be easily positioned for comfort. An additional benefit is that it greatly reduces dry mouth.

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Treats Open Mouth Snoring

The affordable Chin Support Strap keeps the slack jaw closed effectively and keeps the mouth shut during sleep. This encourages the snorer to breathe through the nose. About 80% of snorers are open-mouth snorers, so a Chin Support Strap is often an economical treatment. We believe they are most effective when utilized together with one of our Sleep Pro appliances. The Sleep Pro will advance the jaw(mandible) forward in order to open the airway. Using these two devices together will force nasal breathing plus keep your airway open. Very few people snore when they are breathing through the nose, and with the mandible advanced. As well, we offer a discounted price when the Sleep Pro and Chin Support Strap are purchased at the same time.

How Does It Work?How Does It Fit?
The anti-snoring Chin Support Strap wraps around the chin and the top / back of the head to encourage the jaw to stay closed and mouth shut during sleep. It’s a very simple device, easy to use, easy to clean (hand or machine wash). It is compact to store or travel with. Our exclusive one-piece, two-strap design ensures comfort and position during sleep.

We have reviewed several chin strap models and have found this unit to be a well made, affordable, durable, easy to clean, and comfortable anti-snoring chin strap. User feedback is positive and most snorers report that after a few nights they don’t even realize they are wearing it at all. An anti-snoring Chin Support Strap will, in many cases, provide an almost instantaneous cessation of chronic snoring without expensive, invasive procedures.

Position the Chin Support Strap as pictured. For additional closing force, place straps more toward the front, even to the extent of overlapping the rear strap onto the front strap. You can cross the rear strap over the front strap for more upward force. Experiment with differing tension, using our exclusive two-strap adjustable tension and positioning system. Once a comfortable workable position is obtained, you can simply slip the unit off and on without changing the adjustment positions. It can also be repositioned at any later time, if desired. This custom-designed adjustable two-strap unit ensures comfortable tension while ensuring position integrity during sleep. Note which strap you prefer as the rear or front by remembering in which position you place the labeled strap.