Stop Snoring Devices to complete your Stop Snoring solution

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Chin Support Strap

The stop snoring chin support strap is a simple and very affordable stop snoring device for those who tend to snore with their mouth open as many snorers do.

It is very easily adjustable using Velcro fasteners and stretches to fit comfortably. It is often worn in combination with a mouthpiece as well as individually.

This product is available as both a single and a double pack option so that you’re never without one.


Chin-Up Strips®

A pack of 30 strips designed for external use that are hygienic, hypoallergenic, and gluten free. Simple to use,their design promotes nasal breathing.

They can be purchased in three different styles to suit your requirements:

  • White Horseshoe Chin-Up Strips®

  • Tan Horseshoe Chin-Up Strips®

  • Tan Boomerang Chin-Up Strips®


Breathing strips that are available in 3 convenient sizes to suit you as an individual and designed to help open the nasal passage and maintain it in that position. These stop snoring devices are available in S, M and L sizes and can be supplied as single, double, or triple pack sets. If unsure of the size that you need then order a Size-Sampler pack.