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As a North American company, No Snore Zone and our parent company Therapy Control Products Inc. (TCPI), are highly aware of the recent rapid increase in major sleep disorders, and of the many serious health problems that relate to them. This is an area of expertise where we have gained significant experience, particularly in helping people to stop snoring.

Based on the knowledge that we have acquired over the years about stop snoring therapy, in consultation with our manufacturing business partners, we firmly believe that we have selected and represent the worlds best and most successful stop snoring products.

Snoring can rarely be cured but it can be treated, stopped or reduced as a problem and all the products that we offer you have years of tracking research showing their efficacy and success as stop snoring products.

Snoring is now closely related by extensive research to all the following:

Stroke, Hypertension, Heart Attack, Glaucoma , Diabetes , Cancer of the bowel , Alzheimer’s disease , Headaches , Major Fatigue issues at work , Issues in Learning and Behavior for children , Irritability and sleepiness , Relationship issues , Asthma

We don’t wish to market every stop snoring device that is available simply the best ones – and the most effective ones. We have tested many and rejected most of them. Stop Snoring research, gathered in detail by many leading Universities and specialist Sleep Centers, strongly recommends the use of a stop snoring mouthpiece, or Mandibular Advancement Device as being the best to help you to stop snoring however severe the problem even for most cases of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Mandibular Advancement Devices also known as MAD’s are Dental appliances that hold the mandible (lower jaw) forward, thereby opening up the airway, keeping the tongue forward and firming up the soft pallet tissue, this reduces the snoring sound and the effects of Sleep Apnea.
The advantages of the MAD are simple. It’s highly effective, simple to use and will quickly help you to stop snoring, MAD’s come in a very affordable price range, and are strongly recommended by the leading world health authorities. In addition, as an MAD is a pre-approved product, it is available from stock without any further medical diagnosis or expensive consultation.

Currently we offer a choice of 8 individually different MAD products from 2 leading manufacturers, and each has its own strengths and propositions to suit the varying needs of the individual that needs to stop snoring. It is our policy however to constantly be in touch with market innovation and bring you the most effective proven solutions appropriate to a wide range of needs but with only one objective in mind: to help you to stop snoring.

Our current range comprises:

SleepPro available in 4 different models

Noiselezz available in 4 models

Our Product Comparison Chart presents them for side-by-side review.

NoSnoreZone is located in North America. Our employees live and work in North America, we pay taxes in North America, we stock, inventory and ship from North America, and we have a live telephone operator
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