Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD’s) – The Facts

Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD’s) – The Facts

In simple terms, a mandibular advancement device is one of the three medically proven and approved methods that will stop you snoring quickly and will lessen the problems caused by obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in mild to moderate form. You will find that they are recommended by doctors, dentists and sleep disorder clinics worldwide, as well as finding a few selected products that are approved by the major national Health Authorities such as the National Health Service (NHS) in countries such as Great Britain.

What are they?

MAD’s are mouthpieces that are used at night when sleeping and are similar to those worn for sport. They are simple to acquire, low cost, unobtrusive and are generally quite comfortable to wear in their standard form unless you have a jaw that is an unusual shape, or if you have a number of missing teeth, in which case you need to consider buying one of the more customised versions that are now available. They are sometimes called splints, ant-snoring mouthpieces, oral appliances, jaw advancers and many other similar names.

What do they do?

In essence it does what it says on the tin it advances the jaw, or mandible, but for a very specific reason. In doing so it makes the softer skin of the palate become taught and this opens the airway, As a consequence the usual vibrations that would normally occur due to the airway being blocked don’t happen, and the resultant noise, snoring, simply stops. It’s hardly rocket science, but as is always said the simple solutions are often the best ones. It’s a well-proven technique with many years of proof and a high level of success and effectiveness.

Are they safe to use?

A Mandibular Advancement Device is a thoroughly recommended way to prevent snoring and is a Class I medically approved device so if you snore, then you can have confidence that an MAD will help to prevent this, dependent on the degree of severity. It will also assist with milder forms of sleep apnea but you should check with your doctor if this is what you suspect you suffer from.

Are they all similar?

The quick answer is no, and that you should look carefully at medical approvals, customer feedback, and evidence of their quality. There are numerous different styles, designs, colours and shapes but overall they have the same objective, which is to stop you snoring.

Most standard versions are bought online, as no medical diagnosis or prescription is required, but make sure of their medical approval as previously described. These will help most basic snorers with their problem. However there are more sophisticated versions available if your sleep disorder is more serious than this.

High quality MAD’s can be bought in three versions – each with different attributes

Mandibular Advancement Device types

  • Standard version
    These are straight from the box and by using a Boil and Bite technique’ will soften and form to your jaw and teeth in a form that can be redone several times over to ensure they maintain a firm, but comfortable fit with fast results.
  • Self-Fit or Adjustable version
    These will have the additional benefit of having small screws or levers by which the degree of jaw advancement can be fine-tuned and this will deliver both maximum effectiveness alongside most comfort, as well as a firm, reliable, and secure fit.
  • Custom version
    In this case you will be supplied with a mould with which to take your bespoke dental Imprint that you can then return to the manufacturer. They will process this in their Dental laboratory to produce a mouthpiece with the ultimate comfort and fit to produce the best effectiveness in assisting you to stop snoring. Recommended for more serious cases.

Manufacturer confidence in mandibular adjustment devices is so high that most versions are accompanied by a money back guarantee. Make sure to look for this when you purchase and look forward to many a night with better sleep and to reaping the rewards in your health and fitness for many years.

In summary

Mandibular advancement devices are considered by experts to be the most effective, inexpensive, fastest, easily obtained and safest method by which to stop snoring, safeguard many aspects of your general health, and allow you and your partner a better night’s sleep.

By John Redfern